Monday February 19 , 2018
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These are tough times.

Michele Norris 

Michele Norris, Host of NPR’s All Things Considered and 2009 NABJ Journalist of the Year

These are tough times. The world is shifting under our feet. Each week brings fresh news of layoffs and cutbacks and uncertainty . . . I love the idea that Angelo is encouraging Journalists to create their own business models and independent identities on the web and other platforms. It’s the perfect message for these times whether you’re a freelance sound technician, or an established columnist.


Angelo embodies the leadership qualities these times demand.

Rob King 

Rob King, Editor-in-Chief, ESPN

Angelo embodies the leadership qualities these times demand: Optimism, vision, creativity, technical expertise and compassion. He has always demonstrated an understanding of how to marry brilliant ideas with meticulous execution. And his dedication to our collective journey is unwavering.


Angelo can do it!

Angela King, Independent filmmaker/actress and former colleague on the business news desk at The Detroit News

He is an amazingly tireless brother who has made tremendous strides in life and remained humble. You want the job done, and done right, Angelo can do it!


Angelo Henderson was inspiring.


Garry D. Howard, editor-in-chief, Sporting News

We met in St. Petersburg way back in 1986 and Angelo Henderson was inspiring. As an up-and-coming sports copy editor, I had designs on one day running my own sports department, and Mr. Henderson believed in me—even back then.

He would offer support and anecdotes, introduce me to other journalists who might offer some insight and just became a great friend and trusted colleague.

He is brilliant, a writer's writer and and has a smooth touch that was evident even before he won a Pulitzer Prize.

More important, in my estimation, is his commitment to an organization that has helped each and every one of us realize our journalistic dreams.


He strives for excellence in everything he does.

Lee Hawkins 

Lee Hawkins, The Wall Street Journal & MSNBC

As a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, he has been committed to helping the careers of droves of young black journalists, including myself. I know him as a former Wall Street Journal colleague and a fellow church member, and I know he strives for excellence in everything he does.  


Angelo has a clear view of where this industry is.

Madison J. Gray 

Madison J. Gray,

Early on in my career I saw Angelo's keen skill as a journalist, then later on as a leader on both the local and national level.

Angelo has a clear view of where this industry is, and isn't ready to give up on the craft. Instead he feels we should be going in a new direction of empowerment and innovation.

If this field is to survive, that is how it will be done and Angelo will be one of the leaders to show us the way.


Relentlessly disciplined, passionate and organized.

M. David Goodwin 

M. David Goodwin, Dayton Daily News/Cox Ohio Publishing

The brutal reality facing today's media requires putting our best people on our biggest opportunities. [Angelo's] record as a journalist in every discipline—in print, broadcast, online, as an educator and businessman—speaks for itself. He is relentlessly disciplined, passionate and organized to confront the difficulties littering our path and will help us focus on the key things that will have the greatest impact for our individual and collective successes.  


I've developed a renewed respect for this Pulitizer prize winning broadcast journalist.

Mildred Gaddis 

Mildred Gaddis, host of "Inside Detroit" on Newstalk AM 1200 WCHB

Over the last several years I've developed a renewed respect for this Pulitizer prize winning broadcast journalist. I watched Angelo Henderson challenge a corrupt political system here in Detroit while other journalists turned their heads and were afraid to do so. A high level of corruption that was eventually toppled. Angelo Henderson was right! Kwame Kilpatrick was convicted of two felonies and served jail time.


Angelo struck me as a dynamo.

Sholnn Freeman

Sholnn Freeman, former Washington Post reporter

I first met Angelo in 1999 while interviewing for a job at the Detroit bureau of the Wall Street Journal. Angelo struck me as a dynamo. He was a Pulitzer-Prize winning feature writer who wrote only for the page one.

At the height of all this, he left the paper to answer a spiritual calling. But he never lost his connection to the profession. I remember a period where he studied for a divinity degree at night and then rose at 4 a.m. to co-host a Detroit drive-time radio show that covered politics. At a time of mounting chaos in our industry, Angelo shows how with creativity, hard work and spirit we can cut our own paths as journalists and come out bigger than what we were before.


I trust him.

Darryl Fears 

Darryl Fears, Washington Post

He's seasoned, accomplished and knows the challenges we face in our profession. I trust him.


Angelo comes from a position of fairness.


Kaye Byrd, Former Executive Producer (syndicated radio)

I have worked with Angelo for a number of years. Angelo comes from a position of fairness. He is a listener, evaluator, problem solver and a visionary. These are practices he uses in every day life. Imagine those qualities in a leader when the industry is going through an about face change.


He exudes excellence.


Paula Bridges, former Evening News Anchor, NBC and FOX

As an undergrad, I had the privilege of watching Angelo's stellar career in journalism take off from the moment he completed his final internship and took that first coveted reporter's position to the multi-faceted career he now enjoys—scratch that—has earned! He exudes excellence, encourages it in others, works with dogged tenacity to accomplish goals and never lets anything compromise his integrity.


His integrity and dedication to our industry are well known.


Merv Aubespin, Past NABJ President

I have known Angelo Henderson since he was a high school student in Louisville, Kentucky who dreamed of a career in journalism. Angelo's growth from high school journalism through college and professional life has been a pleasure to follow. His integrity and dedication to our industry are well known.

He is grounded with a firm understanding of where we, as black journalists, have come from and what we need to do to solidify our role in a rapidly changing work environment.


Angelo epitomizes all the qualities needed for strong leadership.

Stephanie L. Arnold, former reporter, Philadelphia Enquirer

Angelo epitomizes all the qualities needed for strong leadership in these staggering and devastating times . . . his energy and personable demeanor is shadowed only by his incredible journalistic credentials complimented by a brilliant and innovative plan to revitalize this organization and get more African-American thinking critically and enthusiastically about reclaiming their place in this industry.


Angelo has always been a visionary.

Everett J. Mitchell, II 

Everett J. Mitchell II, former Editor, The Courier-Post

I've known Angelo since our days as student journalists at the University of Kentucky. He has always been a visionary. He has always worked for the betterment of the profession.